For many Australians, commuting is simply a fact of life during the work week. And studies show that those who commute shorter distances are happier, more productive people. So when it comes to deciding where to live, picking a suburb or development that has access to great public transport is a must for many buyers.

Here’s why buying land or a house for sale near a train station could be the perfect solution to your daily commute.

There’s Value In Public Transport Proximity

It’s unsurprising to learn that buyers are willing to pay more so they can live closer to the city. However, research from Domain shows that outside the inner-city suburbs there are a number of buying hotspots in major capital cities like Melbourne – and the majority of them are close to train stations.

This is because most home owners who work in the CBD need to commute via public transport every weekday. That means they want to cut down the amount of time it takes to get to and from the train station every day, as that’s simply more of their free time lost. If they can reduce their commute by living near a train station, the studies say they will be happier overall at both work and home.

Finding The Right Location

In a major city like Melbourne, land is always at a premium. This makes it more difficult for potential home buyers to find the right location at the right price in order to build their dream home. But the good news is there are some amazing new developments around Melbourne that offer exactly that.

At Savana, for example, buyers can take advantage of land for sale in a boutique location that benefits from its proximity to the award-winning Wyndham Vale Train Station. That means buyers can purchase the ideal block of land, build their dream home and rest easy knowing their daily commute – and public transport travels at any other time – is made so much easier being close to the train station.

Added bonuses in a new development like Savana are a true neighbourly spirit, fantastic amenities like community parks, and nearby shopping centres and medical facilities, and some of the finest schools in Melbourne’s west.

Enjoy a Better Lifestyle And Potential Value Growth

Victoria – and Melbourne in particular – is really embracing the value of train stations. In fact, the state government’s $50 million railway project is adding 12 new stops around the city as well as removing dangerous level crossings. So there’s no doubt such a massive investment means it’s a good idea to buy near a train station.

And the data backs it up. A NSW study found that houses less than 400 metres from a train station experienced a 4.5% increase in their overall value. And that value growth extends to homes up to 1.6 kilometres from a train station.

So while it’s impossible to claim that buying a home near a train station will definitely mean it increases in value, it is true that it makes day-to-day life better, and can potentially save you money on car expenses – not to mention reduce the stress of having to drive to and from the CBD every day!

Quick Pros of Living Near a Train Station

  • Shortens your daily commute.
  • Adds value to your home.
  • Commute frustrations with driving (like traffic jams) are eliminated.
  • You’ll end up saving money on transport costs (like fuel, tolls, parking, vehicle wear-and-tear, etc.)
  • Your home and the greater suburb will enjoy superior value growth compared to homes in areas isolated from regular public transport.


As a boutique village address that offers an exceptional location and a true sense of neighbourhood spirit, it all comes together at Savana. You can start your new journey by purchasing land at Savana, so enquire today.


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