Getting finance ready

In addition to budget, part of your decision about whether to build or buy a new home or an already established one may be time. This is a very individual component of your decision and the time you have may be what forms your final decision.

Did you know that AVID Property Group communities have different options that can work in with different timeframes? Whether you need to move now or have time on your side, check if your preferred AVID Property Community has the property that suits you.  You can choose from three different options to find the one that suits you. We’ve outlined these below:

Option one:

If you need to move in a relatively short time, our Villa World neighbourhoods have a great selection of brand new ready built homes you can move straight into. The other bonus of this is that you’ll have certainty around cost. It’s a “turnkey” solution and a safe way of buying a brand new home without the wait.

This is a perfect solution for first time home buyers who are ready now and for second- and third-time home buyers who have an immediate need to move in straight away.

Option two:

Buying pre-packaged house and land curated by the AVID Property Project Sales Team is a great solution if you have a little more time on your side yet still like the idea of a more certain cost. This option provides more choice for you to consider. The other benefit of this is that while you still get a brand new home that’s built just for you, you will save weeks, maybe even months when you have the professionals put together the package for you.

It’s a great option when you want brand new but would rather the professionals take all the fuss out for you.

Option three:

When time is on your side and you aren’t reliant on a fixed budget, you may decide to choose your own favourite block of land and then build a fully customised home with your own choice of builder. When you decide this is the right option for you, you’ll have the benefit of being able to create something totally bespoke to you.

We find this is a really popular option for 2nd home buyers and upgraders who don’t need to work to a fixed budget and are searching for their forever home.

Whatever your timeline or budget, there are solutions that will match your needs when you buy in an AVID Property Community. Not only will you get a home that has never been lived in by anyone else, you’ll also have an AVID Property Project Sales Manager guide you every step of the way, meaning you can make the right decision for your future.

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